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Above : 6'22'' version of The Encounter PT.II, performed at TU-Nantes in march 2019. ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE ON THIS VIDEO

The Encounter Pt. II (Feat. Beyoncé)



45 minutes

With the video participation of Laurent Gannac, citrus grower from Menton.


Taking as a starting point the music video of THE ENCOUNTER (FEAT. BEYONCÉ), which talks about my meeting with Beyoncé on a beach in Menton, I decide to go back to the origins of the story and tell it on stage. But little by little, the numerous digressions deconstruct the story, exposing the trickery and revealing the background research that led me to create this story from scratch: my past as a lemon seller in Menton, the history of Fette Fraktur typography or the discovery of car cruising in the "Chicano" culture. Playing alternately the conference speaker, the lemon seller and the musician, I take the opportunity to evoke my attempts and plastic failures with humor, as well as my doubts about my artistic talents and what defines a work of art.


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