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The Power of Love, Fascination and Celine Dion - Video Version


21 minutes
With the support of the association Freed From Desire, Point Éphémère, 59 Rivoli 
With the collaboration of Nelson Bourrec Carter in the video production and that of 
Quentin Blomet on the vocal arrangements of the song "Le Pouvoir de l'amour".

Video adaptation of the performance of the same name presented in September 2022 in Bletteran (Jura) as part of the Freed From Desire residency weekend, in which I participated, I pay tribute to Céline Dion, icon of my childhood whose live at the Stade de France is the first memory of my life. Alternating historical facts about Céline, her music, her image and more autobiographical accounts, I evoke in turn her repertoire, drawing from the baroque Italian opera of the 19th century, the origin ofu term "diva" or even my ten years in the mandolin orchestra of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin that I joineds after watching him playmy heart Will Go Onwhen I was 7 years old.

In the continuity of the performance, in which I alternate different types of speeches (the TED speaker, the popstar ..), I explore here the way in which the video medium can impact my story, replaying the different types of content video that can be found online: Youtube video in front of the camera, archive footage, dance film, music video, etc.

Video clip of the songThe Power of Love, resumption ofThe Power Of Loveby Celine Dion, excerpt from the film
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