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Paul Garcin was graduated (Bachelor/MFA) from the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Art School in 2019.  

In a multidisciplinary practice mixing performance, video, sound and installation, he creates storytellings, blending autobiography and autofiction, appropriating the modus operandis of American mainstream pop culture in order to deconstruct the archetypes and values it conveys. He is one of the founding members of the collective KimPetrasPaintings .

He presented his work at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2019); La Graineterie, art center of the city of Houilles (2020); Glassbox (2021); TU-Nantes (2017 / 2019); ENSA Bourges (2017) ...

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Performances / Shows (Author + Performer)

2022    The Power of Love, Fascination and Céline Dion, Freed From Desire #3, Bletterans (FR)


2021    An American Teenage Dream, closing of the exhibition Go Far, Go Hard, Glassbox, Paris (FR)

             Hillside Boys with KimPetrasPaintings, Maison des Arts de Malakoff (FR)

2019     Dancing On My Own #3 (PREMIUM QUALITY) , Opening of Felicità 19, Beaux-Arts de Paris (FR)

             The Encounter Pt. II , Neutral Ground Theater, Nantes (FR)

              The Encounter Pt.II , festival "Splash! Visual Arts / Living Arts", TU-Nantes, Nantes (FR)

2018    Dancing On My Own #2 (NAP QUEEN) , Pride'n'Art Festival Opening Night, POL'n, Nantes (FR)

2017     Clipology , "BAM!" Festival, with Poils Et Les Gants, TU-Nantes, Nantes (FR)

​              Saumon Lamour presents!, with Poils Et Les Gants, "Turbulence" Festival, TU-Nantes, Nantes (FR)

2016     Dancing On My Own #1 (GOOD NIGHT) , "All Tomorrow's Parties", Félix Thomas, ESBA Nantes Métropole (FR)

​             Conference about planes, Festival "I Do What I Do #5", ENSA Bourges (FR)

             Conference about planes, Evening "Performances In Act #1", Dulcie Galerie (FR)

Collective Exhibitions

2021    Go Far, Go Hard , with KimPetrasPaintings, Glassbox, Paris.

               Restitution of Mobilisé.es residency, with KimPetrasPaintings, Maison des Arts de Malakoff.

2020    13th Biennial of Young Creation , La Graineterie, Houilles

2019     Felicità 19 , Beaux-Arts de Paris

              Go West , Nantes School of Fine Arts

2018    Liquid Sunshine , Open School Gallery, Nantes Fine Arts

2014    OFF SITU IV , Chapel of the Upper Quarter, Sète




2022    Freed From Desire #3, Bletterans (FR)
    L'Estive , Glassbox (with KimPetrasPaintings), Paris (FR)
             Mobilisé.es , Maison des Arts (with KimPetrasPaintings), Malakoff (FR)

2018     Fieldwork: Marfa , Texas (USA)

2017     BAM! , TU-Nantes (with Poils Et Les Gants), Nantes (FR)

2014     OFF SITU , Chapelle du Quartier Haut, Sète (FR)





2021     FIELDWORK MARFA, TEXAS USA, 2011-20 , Jannink Edition

2020     Catalog of the exhibition of the Biennale of Young Creation of Houilles , text by Florian Gaité

2019     Catalog of the Felicità 19 exhibition, interview with Anaïd Demir, Beaux-Arts de Paris Édition





2019      DNSEP (Highest honours), Nantes School of Fine Arts

2017      DNAP (Highest honours), Nantes School of Fine Arts

2013      Preparatory Class of Fine Arts of Sète

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