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KimPetrasPaintings is a variable number collective created in 2021 by  Jimmy Beauquesne (illustrator), Nelson Bourrec Carter (director) and Paul Garcin  (performer) in residence at the Maison des Arts de Malakoff, and gathered around the figure  by Kim Petras, German transgender singer. Painting, a medium that no one  practice, establishes itself as a privileged field of exploration and manufacture of a fan  total fiction , made up of texts, performances, sculptures, installations  and videos. Collaborative, protean and without entry fees, KPP adapts to  places it occupies and changes with the painters who join its ranks. Occasionally  of an exhibition at Glassbox in September 2021, the KPPainters Louise Mervelet,  Aurore Leduc, Youri Johnson, Ugo Ballara and Camille Juthier join the collective.

Kim Petras is part of mainstream American pop music, while touching  a limited audience at the moment. Via this figure, considered both as a subject  and method, the collective tackles issues related to popular culture,  queer identity and fan art, a powerful engine of fantasy and unity.

By fashioning their own ex-votos , these new worshipers establish themselves as the architects of their collective identity by ingesting and mixing a corpus of heterogeneous iconography. It is these references from cinema, television, literature, visual arts and of course pop music that shape the prism through which they approach reality. These elements are then redeployed in parallel forms and narratives, which are organized into discursive ecosystems. By cultivating both a sentimental and critical approach, KPP feeds on the singer's personal story, her identity and professional construction, and the ambiguities underlying this journey, an entry point to reflections that go beyond the only bounds of a biography.

Winner of the L'Estive call for projects, the collective settles in Glassbox in August 2021  for three months and produced the exhibition Go Far Go Hard, drawing a parallel  between the drifts of the stan culture and the strategies of diffusion and assimilation  evangelists.

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