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Performance / Concert


30 minutes

With Meg Boury, Eva Dauga, Louise Masson and Opale Mirman.

As part of the FIELDWORK residency in Marfa (Texas, USA)

TAPE8 is an ephemeral music band created especially for a month-long residency at Fieldwork: Marfa. It gathers 5 amateur musicians, almost novices.

The band had only one goal : to find a date in the United States. The concert is finally held at the Lost Horse Saloon, Marfa, in April 2018.

The set list is composed of two covers and three originals written before the trip. TAPE8 rented a rehearsal studio in Nantes to rehearse and compose. In Marfa, the instruments of the show were found and borrowed from the inhabitants on the spot. The concert was a success, even giving rise to an interview on the local radio, Marfa Public Radio.

In 2019, back in France, the group performed one last time during the Liquid Sunshine exhibition at the Open School Gallery in Nantes. After the concert, I organized a flash sale with screen-printed merchandising exclusively for the occasion.

Interview conducted on Radio Marfa:

TAPE8 interview - Radio Marfa
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View of the LIQUID SUNSHINE exhibition shop, Open School Galerie, Nantes
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