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Forever Mentone

Spectacular performance, 45 minutes



Writing / Interpretation / Musical composition: Paul Garcin

With the support of Point Éphémère and Maison Artagon

Forever Mentone is the story of a trip to Mentone, a California suburb of 8,600 inhabitants located an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. Alter ego of Menton, a southeastern French city where Paul Garcin is from, it draws very much inspiration from it to create its own mythology: the streets are called Nice Avenue andVia Antibes, the Mentone orange replaces the famous Menton lemon and vintage postcards promise houses with a sea view, while the town is surrounded by mountains. 

Having left to visit this small American town in May 2022, Paul Garcin - author, musician and performer - returns with many images and his share of disappointment, the city not keeping the promises of its communication. Nevertheless, this observation proves to be the starting point for a reflection on the trip and the transatlantic fantasy - one applying to be the (distorting) mirror of the other -, but also on putting into perspective the difficulties encountered when leaving art school. 

In Forever Mentone, alone-on-stage halfway between the stand up and the concert, Paul Garcin intends to embark the spectator in a roadtrip whimsical and fantasized, mixing visual and sound recording of his journey, musical composition, as well as drifts and questions about his own biography. 

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